Children Should Not Reach Adulthood Without Voter Education

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Children Should Not Reach Adulthood Without Voter Education

Learning The Facts At A Very Young Age
Educating our children is one of the top priorities of every nation. This is particularly true in America where people can make a supreme difference at the voting polls every year. In fact, voting is the easiest and most effective way of voicing your opinion. To be sure, congressional leaders do not fly into office; the people vote them in. This is why it is very important to teach kids about voting Read the rest of this entry »

Early Voting Education Will Lead To More Voters

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Many people in today’s society do not exercise their right to vote. In the early years of America’s history, voting was a right denied to many people. Voting is the most important form of activism in the community. Children are the voters of tomorrow and their ideas toward government can begin to form from a very early age.

The key to educating youth about voting is to make it relevant. Educators have to find way, and when necessary, invent ways to make voting seem “cool” for the younger generation.Is this new to you? Catch up Read the rest of this entry »

Your Kids and Election Year

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It’s an election year again and that means one thingteaching your kids the importance of being involved politically. Here are a few ways to talk to your kids about voting and their rights as citizens in a language they can understand:
Teach them the issues: Use your home security alarm to teach a lesson about homeland defense and your globe to talk about international politics. It’s easy to learn when it’s kinetic!
Stage a Mock Debate: Have your kids debate each other on important home issues like chores and homework. They’ll have to understand where the other person is coming from and why they feel that way – it’s an important lesson to learn not only for voting but for life as well.
Take them to a Protest: Be sure it’s a safe event and has to do with an issue you feel very strongly about. Alternatively, try to arrange a visit to the nation’s capital to allow your kids a tour of the important places and sites in American history. They’ll gain a newfound appreciation for the space of politics.

Low Voter Turnout Means There Is A Need For Education

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The reality of good voter turnout stems from a poor attitude towards the institutions for which people are voting individuals in. Most people in democratic societies have very little understanding as to how their system truly works. The premise of many democratic societies is the idea of a government being created for the people and by the people. This infers that the government should be primarily be made up of ordinary citizens who take their turn serving the whole of society.

Children could be taught this concept at younger ages and throughout their educational Read the rest of this entry »

Give Children A Voice By Teaching Them About Voting

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Being able to vote for the first time is a right of passage. In order to encourage the excitement and pride that comes with voting, adults must educate the children of today. As adults, it is imperative that the adult generation give children a voice by teaching them about voting.

There are several ways that this goal can be accomplished. Taking a child to a voting station and allowing him or her to witness the process is an effective way. During an election year, children can watch the political debates with their parents. A parent should Read the rest of this entry »

Kids Must Learn That Citizenship Means Participating

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Kids And Citizenship
Kids should learn part of their character includes their citizenship from the moment they are of an age of enlightenment. It’s not too soon to impress upon a preschool child they are citizens and to teach them what that means. Too often, this point in child-rearing is considered insignificant. However, there is a huge loss of individual interface when kids are not exposed to basics of citizenship. Teach kids the advantages of why citizenship is so important to them as individuals.

Citizenship And Civic Duty
Children need Read the rest of this entry »

Raising Good Citizens Requires Teaching About Voting

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Encouraging voting is often overlooked in children’s education because of their lack of age eligibility. However,, the sense of responsibility and participation in government elections is something that must be cultivated from a young age. It is not enough to explain how the process works because many children grow up to feel disenfranchised from the process. Raising participatory citizens begins with teaching them about responsible voting.

Every election is always challenged by the inability to motivate a Read the rest of this entry »